Proposed Restrictive Covenants:

To better protect your investment and enjoyment of your home or weekend getaway, we will implement a few reasonable restrictions that apply to the property.  These restrictions will follow the property and are subject to change by the developer while lots are still owned by the developer in the subdivsion or by residents as per provisions that will be included in the document creating the restrictions.  These restrictions are not intended to be overly intrusive, but rather to assure the enjoyment of all residents and the consideration from their neighbors that they would expect.  Developer will reserve the right to modify the restrictions at any time, without notice to any persons or lot owner.  Some of the provisions that will initially be included (this is not intended to be a comprehensive list) are as follows:

General Restrictions:
  1. Restrictions will be placed to assure to the extent practical that homes are kept in good repair, lawns are properly cut, storage sheds and other detached structures are in keeping with the general appearance of the subdivision, no junk vehicles or debris is visible, no commercial businesses will be allowed, parking will need to be off street and other provisions intended to maintain value.
  2. Use of the community back down launch will be restricted to subdivision residents and guests under reasonable restrictions and time limitations.
  3. Establishment by developer, at it's sole option, of an architectural control committee for plan review and approval.  Developer retains all right and authoritiy over architectural control matters.
  4. Ask for a copy of the recorded restrictions as to appropriate structures.  Mobile homes are permitted, but certain provisions as to skirting etc. may apply. In addition, developer/contractor may maintain an on site camper or temporary structure during development of the subdivision or constrution of homes by it or an approved builder.
  5. Building setbacks on the front, sides and rear will be established.
  6. Only one single family residence per lot will be allowed and lots cannot be further subdivided.

Type of Constrution premitted on Lots:

At this time, no additional restrictions are being placed on water front lots, but as with all restrictions, developer retains the right to modify and place more or less stringent restrictions without prior notice. As of this writing, traditional stick framed homes, modular homes, manufactured homes and campers are permitted (they must be in new or like new condition) but developer retains the right, but not the obligation, to disallow any structure that in develper's sole discretion is not in satisfactory condition or otherwise does not maintain proper aesthetic appearance.  A more stringent standard may be placed on water front lots.  All structures may be subject to additional criteria as to appearance and architectural control intended to maintain the intergity and appearance of the subdivision.

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